High School Academic Resources

Homework Help & Student Resources

The website, Discovery Education, welcomes students, parents, and educational administrators. The website provides the user with a way to enhance learning through digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessments, and more.

Study Skills & Tips

At Testtakingtips.com the user is provided with a variety of ways to improve their test scores; whether it is through the use of the links on the site that include, but not, limit to cramming techniques, note taking tips, ways to reduce test anxiety, and more.

Writing Skills & Tips

Whatever writing style you need to generate the Infoplease website provides the tools to draft it. The website also includes tips on how to write proper bibliographies, how to give oral reports, and other resources.

Mathematical Skills & Tips

On the website Webmath an individual gets all the advantages of being a Discovery Education website tailored to mathematics. It also goes beyond helping the user solve mathematical problems.


Another useful website is Mathnerds . This website is free, discovery based. It is tailored for students and now has a version of the website in Spanish.