Middle School Academic Resource

Homework Help

On the website Webmath an individual gets all the advantages of being a Discovery Education website tailored to mathematics. It also goes beyond helping the user solve mathematical problems.


Another useful website is Mathnerds . This website is free, discovery based. It is tailored for students and now has a version of the website in Spanish.


This website provides the user with a listing of other sites that can help with homework completion

Academic/ Career Planning

A website that gives the user information on what type of courses to take as a middle school, ways to finance a college education, and so much more www.myplan/timeline/middle_school.php

This website gives the middle school student guidance on what career path to choose by providing 4 career assessment tests, a database with many career options, an opportunity for

the user to interact via chat with individuals in different careers, and so much more
Educational Fun

Once at this website the user can play the game Show Me The Future. This game provides the user will become familiar with such concept as cost of living, budgeting, and others.