College Resources

Financial Aid

A website that provides all the information on federal student aid

Standardized testing

A website that provides the user with information detailing all the College Board tests as well as help in finding colleges and financial aid resources

Choosing a major

A website that helps the reader with finding the best major that suits them

Another site that helps the user in finding a major as well as provides an assessment that can help in future career planning

Virtual College Tours

The website that provides interested persons with a virtual tour of a variety of colleges and universities

Additional college resources

This website includes ways to help everyone make their way to college, from middle schoolers all the way up to adult learners

A website that gives the user a guide on finding the best colleges as well as how to research graduate school admissions

A website that provides information on upcoming Black college tours, scholarships, and other resources that help aid the user in making the best college decision

Much of this website is devoted to students and their families seeking to be a Hoosier. The site also provides any user with college and career resources